Family Coat of Arms

As we mentioned in the book on page 8 we could not find a Family Coat of Arms of the Volle(n)berg(h).

On the 17th December 2001, the following coat of arms of "Vollenberg" was officially registered.

This symbol was designed by Marius Vollenberg (Branch B gen. XIV, page 251) because of the gender of Marius Gerardus Vollenberg and Eva Gerarda Sikking (Branch B gen. XIIIe, page 188) and their descendents.

Marius gives the following description:

I. In silver, a pulled out tree in its natural colour
II. In blue a prancing horse in silver on a green mountain
On the crest: a demi horse coming out from the shield coming out.
Mantle: blue lined with silver.
The pulled out tree refers to the ancestors of van Heijster.
The prancing horse on the mountain refers to the surname Vollenberg that means a foal on the mountain,
The colour blue refers to loyalty and endurance, the green stands for happiness and hope and the metal silver stands for wisdom and innocence




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