The reunion

On Sunday 29-11-1998 there was an invasion of Volle(n)berg(h)s in the village of Veulen near Venray. More than 500 peoples were present at the introduction of the book "Den hofstadt toe Vaerloeberch". On that day there were more people with the name Volle(n)berg(h)s than the total inhabitants of the hamlet.

The inhabitants of Veulen were informed in advance, by the council of the village, by means of publications in the village paper "De Ruuper".


To all inhabitants of Veulen.

It was some time ago that the interesting series of "Roots" was shown on T.V.. It told the story of an American searching for his roots. His ancestors were taken from Africa to America as Negro slaves.
The main character of the series is named Kunta Kinte and it tells of his time and his families search back to that time. Through the ages, for many reasons, there are always people searching for their roots.
So also the family of Volle(n)berg(h). After years of solid archive exploration, it is for sure that the roots of the family Volle(n)berg(h) are situated in our village Veulen.
They are descendants from the "Volleberg plts". This name is extracted from the hill on which this farm was situated, the Vaerleberch or the Voerlehill (=hill on the Veulen).
Presently on this spot stands the farm of Mark and Sonja Spreeuwenberg.
The results of this investigation are written down in a book of 300 pages "Den hofstadt toe Vaerloeberch".
This book will be published on Sunday afternoon 29th of November about two oclock in lounge "t Veulen".
More than 500 Vollenbergs have promised to come to Veulen on this afternoon. It will be a very great reunion. For this occasion a large tent will be erected, because for this amount of people the lounge is simply too small.
So many people coming by car will cause some inconvenience and we, as the village council, ask for your understanding. On Sunday they will come "home", maybe for the first time. Let us make them feel like home.
G. Reintjes, secretary of the village council.


These pictures will give you an impression of that afternoon.

The old and new naming of the village.

Flags all around the village. Also from in former days "Volleberg plts".

There was a lot of interest in the "Tranchotcards".

More than 500 namesakes. Now we can start to welcome everyone.

The introduction was given by Hans Volleberg.

Mr. L. Rutten explained the history of Venray.

Marius Vollenberg spoke about the backgrounds of the name Volle(n)berg(h).

Mrs. R. Berfelo Volleberg received the first book. She was the oldest present namesake.

Mr. H. van Rijswijk, chairman of the village council, announced that there would be a new street name in Veulen. You will find more about this subject under "Street name".

It was very busy when the people collected their books.


French namesakes.


For this occasion an ensemble was raised, that played the Venray anthem "Rooj, mien drp ien de Piel".
Please click on the picture to hear the anthem.

The last book was given to the city archive of Venray.

In the daily newspaper, "the Limburger" the following article was published.


Realistic. Last Sunday in Veulen. There came, as the loyal readers will know, the descendants of the Veulense Hill together.
More than 500 Vollenbergs from Limburg, Brabant and the rest of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Even from France the Vollenbergs, or as they will probably say over their"plein montagne", came to there birth ground.
Intimate, all this, except for one of the occasions a drivers came into the lounge searching for his ride: "I am here to pick up my father", he said. With a remark like that you will probably get your old man from a birthday party to go home. But among the 500 guests in the lounge were many other fathers. "Who are you looking for", someone logically asked, upon which the driver spoke the immortal words: "Mister Volleberg". I dont know the manner of writing.




Thank you for your visit.


May and Hans Volleberg


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