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On page 91 of the book "Den hofstadt toe Vaerloeberch" you will find the council decision concerning the names of the new streets in the district Veltum. As a token of appreciation for all the work he did for the benefit of the Veltums chapel, a street was named after Chris Vollenberg: the Vollenbergstreet.

Mr. van Rijswijk, chairman of the village council of Veulen, announced at the reunion on 29th of November 1998, that there would be a naming of a new street. Advised by the village council and the society of folk culture Venray, the council chose the name Voerleberg. The old way of writing with "ae" was changed because of the present written and spoken language. The name Voerleberg pronounces better at the typical sound of Veulen in dialect. The Voerleberg is situated on a few meters from the original "Volleberg plâts".

Underneath the street plan of Veulen, here you see the new street name.


In memory, appreciation and respect of, is by the city of Arnhem, in November 2006 at the Arnhem Moscowa Cemetery & Crematorium Moscowa, the "Drs. G.J.F. Vollenberglaan" revealed. Gerard Vollenberg, deceased on 26-5-2005, was for many years employed by the city of Arnhem. He worked as project manager and head of the sector "City Management Service".

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May and Hans Volleberg

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