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On the 29th of November 1998 the book "Den hofstadt toe Vaerloeberch" was published, in the lounge "het Veule" in the hamlet of Veulen. At this occasion more than 500 namesakes were present. The book could be ordered by subscription and was such a success that it was completely sold out.

Afterwards several people announced that they also wanted to purchase the book. But with a small circulation the book would be too expensive. To minimize the costs we have made an order list on which we keep up the numbers wanted. If there is enough interest and the costs are reasonable, a new book will be printed. It will be the same book with only a few corrections.
If you are interested in this book, please contact us. You will find several possibilities under "Accessibility".

Central Bureau of Genealogy

We have donated one copy of the book to the C.B.G. After having studied it they gave the following description.

Genealogy Quartersheet CBG 1999-04 J.W.M.Volleberg and M.J.G.M.Vollenberg. Den hofstadt toe Vaerloeberch. 500 years of Volleberg, Vollenberg and Vollebergh Doetinchem, 1998. 294 pages ill., index (GVolle). The name Volleberg comes from a farm, named "Volleberg plats" and was situated in the neighbourhood of Veulen, slightly south of Venray. There are two families that draw their name from this, even though they are not related. The first family are offspring of Theuken toe/van Vaerloeberch, who is mentioned the first time in 1532. He lived in a farm that later would be named "Volleberg plâts".
The second family descended from Gaert van Heijster, who also in that time is mentioned. He was the neighbour of Theuken. This family bared the name van Heijster for centuries. Only when in 1726 Peter van Heijster came to live on the "Volleberg plâts", he used the name of his wife Elisabeth Vollebergh, who inherited the farm from her parents. The family’s spreaded especially in the surroundings, in places like Wanssum and Venray and further east of North Brabant. Descendents emigrated in the 19e century to the USA, Germany (Bottrop) and France (Ognolles and Baron) and later also to Australia. That is why they enclosed in this book summaries in French and English.




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