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In the following list you can find particulars about namesakes who were married after the publication of the book "Den hofstadt toe VaerloeberchĒ". We have also mentioned the particulars that we learned after the publication of research. This list was made by using articles in daily and weekly magazines, or given to us by members of the family or acquaintances. However, it is not complete. If you possess additional information or possible corrections we ask that you take the time to let us known. You can use the e-mail address which you can find under ďContactĒ. The particulars have a reference to the place in the book where the happy namesake is mentioned.

We limited this list to particulars which are public, or of which publishing is no problem because of privacy. Particulars regarding divorces are not listed due to privacy onsiderations.

03-10-1798 at Broekhuizen: Petronella Vollenbergh, branch A gen. VIIIc page 51 and Hendrikus Linskens, born 04-03-1773 at Broekhuizenvorst, son of Joannes and Antonetta Versaert.

10-02-1830 at Ewijk: Henricus Volleberg, branch A gen. VIIIf page 53 and Henrica van der Sand, born 21-03-1787 at Ewijk, daughter of Cornelis and Hendrijn de Swaert.

31-03-1838 at Helmond: Hermina Vollenberg, branch A gen. IXg page 60 and Joseph Henri ít Sas, born 27-1-1813 at Chambray (France), son of Henri and Johanna Miette.

11-05-1845 at Ieper (Belgium): Arnoldus Vollebergh and Mathilde Fidelie Eugenie Mahieu, branch B gen. IXh page 68.

09-06-1882 at Melsbroek (Belgium): Mechtilda Vollenberg, branch A gen. Xf page 78 and Philippus Josephus Van der Vorst, born 21-04-1844 at Melsbroek (Belgium), son of Franciscus and Maria Anna Jacobs.

10-12-1949 at Norfolk, Virginia (U.S.A.): Bonnie Mae (Bonnie) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIIIs, page 199 and Huge (Huge) Nelson, born 10-12-1928 at Colombia City, Indiana (U.S.A.).

17-05-1923 at Utrecht: Antonia Volleberg, branch A gen. XIh page 97 and Jacobus Petrus Lieshout, born 10-11-1891 at Vianen, son of Cornelis and Johanna van der Zand.

19-10-1923 at Oploo: Wilhelmina Maria Vollenberg, branch A gen. XIi page 98 and Johannes Heijmans, born 04-03-1881 at Nuenen, son of Peter and Goverdina Thijssen.

1957 at Denver, Colorado (U.S.A.): Robert Donald (Bob) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVan page 263 and Lois Miller born 11-02-1935 at Denver, Colorado (U.S.A.).

1957 at U.S.A.: Evelyn Elizabeth (Evelyn) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIIh page 144, and Birch Franklin (Birch) Moomau, born 11-03-1906 at Arapahoe, Nebraska (U.S.A.), son of Franklin Pierce and Anna May Johnson.

29-02-1964 at Denver, Colorado (U.S.A.): Robert Donald (Bob) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVan page 263 and Bernice Miller, born 08-08-1922 at Nederland, Colorado (U.S.A.), daughter of Norman and Sarah Utter Pettjohn.

09-05-1967 at Geldrop: Maria Josephina (Miet) Vollenberg, branch A gen. XII page 114 and Mathijs Arnoldus (Tjeu) Swinkels, born 21-04-1909 at Geldrop, son of Johannes and Anna Maria Canters.

28-12-1967 at St. Anthonis: Henricus Josephus Nicolaas (Hennie) Vollenberg, branch B gen. XIIIaw page 221 and Hendrika Johanna Christina (Riek) Ermens, born 10-11-1944 at Oploo, daughter of Christianus Wilhelmus and Johanna Bexkens.

09-04-1974 at Pineville, Missouri (U.S.A.): Robert Darell (Bob) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVan page 263 and Pamela Jean (Pamela) Brouse, born 25-05-1954 at Casa Grand, Arizona (U.S.A.), daughter of Maurice Andrew and Annette Bernice Clayton.

26-09-1974 at Nijmegen: Augusta Wilhelmina Maria (Guusje) Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIIIac page 206 and Adrianus Leendert (Adri) Brouwer, born 01-09-1952 at Nijmegen, son of Theodorus Gerardus and Geertruida Doezejager.

04-11-1978 te Adams, Colorado (U.S.A.): Steven Dale (Steven) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVan page 263 and Rebecca Sue Phipps born 21-06-1956 at Denver, Colorado (U.S.A.

16-06-1979 at Jefferson, Colorado (U.S.A.): Robert Darell (Bob) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVan page 263 and Darece Elaine (Darece) Finch, born 20-04-1960.

15-03-1980 at Denver, Colorado (U.S.A.): Theresa Lynn (Theresa) Volleberg, branch B gen. IXVam page 262 and Rand ll Ross (Rand ) Tiddark, born 05-08-1962 at Lawton, Oklahoma (U.S.A.), son of Johnny and Karin Shanklin.

26-02-1983 at Adams, Colorado (U.S.A.): Robert Donald (Bob) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVan page 263 and Linda Sue (Linda) Anderson, born 17-09-1950, daughter of Walter.

03-1989 at Kremmling, Colorado (U.S.A.): Edward George (Ed) Volleberg, stam B gen. XIVam page 262 and Carol Jean (Jeanie) Ellis, born 31-12-1946 at Denver, Colorado (U.S.A.), daughter of Joe Edward and Bertha Jean Carl.

17-06-1989 at Denver (U.S.A.): Donald Alan (Don) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVan page 263 and Tracy Jean (Tracy) Brown, born 12-03-1957 at Minot, North Dakota (U.S.A.), daughter of Thomas John and Lynne Ellen Morgan.

12-07-1997 at Adams, Colorado (U.S.A.): Steven Dale (Steven) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVan page 263 and Jean Marie Hiles, born november 1965.

15-08-1997 at Lubbock, Colorado (U.S.A.): David Allen (David) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVan page 263 and Angelina Mary Rebecca (Angelina) Flores, born 18-12-1982 at Denver, Colorado (U.S.A.), daughter of unknown father and Trinindad Flores.

11-12-1997 at Kontich (Belgium): Annemie Rosa Albert (Annemieke) Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIIIr page 199 and Marcel Ludo Maria (Marcel) van Dorst, born 20-06-1961 at Wilrijk (Belgium), son of Marcel Egidius Henri and Maria Theresia Victor Elisabeth Jacobs.

24-04-1999 at Medical Lake, Washington (U.S.A.): Sarah Elisabeth (Sarah) Vollenberg, branch B gen. XVg page 286 and Richard Jackson (Richard) Eidson, born 23-5-1980 at Withchsalls (Texas), son of Richard Jackson and Delia San Miguel.

07-05-1999 at Venray: Susanne Gertruda Johanna (Susan) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIVab page 235 and Maikel (Maikel) van Lisdonk, born 13-06-1973 at Tilburg, son of Adrianus Wilhelminus Johannes Maria and Maria Johanna Wilhelmina Spijkers.

12-05-1999 at Middelburg: Paul Christian Franz (Paul) Vollenberg, branch B gen. XIVx page 256 and Marinke Elisabeth (Marinke) Vader, born 07-10-1971 at Middelburg, daughter of Huibrecht and Tannetje Dingemanse.

09-09-1999 at Venray: Jacoba Johanna Mathea (Sjoukje) Vollenberg, branch A gen. XIIIc Petrus Wilhelmus Antonius Maria (Pedro) Janssen, born 20-06-1964 at Venray, son of Theodorus Adrianus Gerardus and Hendrika Antonia Maria Janssen.

26-11-1999 at Venray: Linda Maria Johanna (Linda) Volleberg, branch A XIVab page 235 and ucas Gerardus Maria (Luc) Weijs, born 05-01-1977 at Venray, son of Gerardus Wilhelmus Maria and Hendrika Wilhelmina Agnes Volleberg.

01-12-1999 at Glenwood Springs, Colorado (U.S.A.): David Allen (David) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVan page 263 and Edith Rascon, born 17-12-1983 at Chihuahua (Mexico), daughter of Jorge and Flora Flores.

17-03-2000 at St. Anthonis: Marius Johannes Martinus Petrus (Marius) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVbx page 277 and Elisabeth Maria (Lenneke) Giesbers, born 30-04-1974 at St. Anthonis, daughter of Martinus Egbertus Richardus and Martina Maria de Groot.

25-03-2000 at Breda: Maria Johanna Wilhelmina (Marianne) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIIIq page 177 and Hubrecht Leendert Marco (Marco) Joosse, born 06-07-1962 at Goes, son of Gerrit Thomas and Johanna Antoinette van de Water.

27-05-2000 at Leiden: Marie Henriette Wilhelmina (Maartje) Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIIIad page 207 and Martinus van Bruggen, born 05-03-1956 at Herwijnen, son of Hendrikus and Johanna Hendrika van Hees.

09-06-2000 at Boxmeer: Petra Theodora (Petra) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVbx page 277 and Erwin Henrikus Johannes (Erwin) van Houtum, son of Petrus J. and Helena Wilhelmina Reijnen.

07-07-2000 at Horst: Maria Catharina Cornelia (Mireille) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVc page 246 and Paul Martin Jozef (Paul) van de Beuken, born 14-2-1973 at Meterik, son of Johannes and Maria Deux.

19-07-2000 at Venray: Arnoldus Christianus Matheus Maria (Arno) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIIIat page 218 and Gerardus Theodorus Maria (Gerrit) van Dijck, born 19-07-1950 at Bergen, son of Petrus Gerardus and Maria Magdalena Custers.

11-08-2000 at Venray: Petrus Wilhelmus Hendrikus (Peter) Vollenberg, branch A XIIIc page 164 and Zena Rebecca Jane (Zena) Jenkins, born 13-01-1966 at Chepton Mallet (United Kingdom), daughter of Alan and Rosemarie Preddy.

12-03-2001 te Culemborg: Johannes Alphonsius Cornelis Hendrikus (Johan) Vollenberg, branch B gen. XIVr page 253 and Esther Hofmeijer.

08-06-2001 at Venray: Alexandra Hendrica Gertruda (Sandra) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVe page 247 and Maurits Simon Johannes Maria (Maurice) Driessen, born 29-12-1970 at Veghel, son of Adrianus Johannes Josephus and Johanna Maria Bernardina Cornelia Mauritsz.

11-08-2001 at Wijk bij Duurstede: Bastiaan Justin Michel (Bas) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIIIo page 175 and Johanna Huberta Maria (Jeanette) Verstappen, born 27-12-1964 at Ledeacker, daughter of Josephus Antonius and Wilhelmina J.M. Jansen.

20-10-2001 at Bottrop (Germany): Bruno Vollenberg, branch A gen. XVh page 283 and Marion Gocholla.

10-11-2001 at Gordonlane, Idaho (U.S.A.): Amanda Ruth (Amanda) Vollenberg, branch B gen. XVg page 286 and Nicolas Anthony (Nick) Mc. Gehee, born 12-10-1983 at Grangeville, Idaho (U.S.A.), son of Michael Anthony and Diana Arndt.

01-01-2002 at Denver, Colorado (U.S.A.): Zacharias (Zack) Volleberg, son of Randall Ross (Randy) Tiddark and Theresa Lynn (Theresa) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVam page 262 and Amanda Carol (Amanda) Osborne, born 11-05-1979 at Denver, Colorado (U.S.A.), daughter of Mike and Patty Osborne.

03-01-2002 at Bottrop (Germany): Mario Vollenberg, branch A gen. XVh page 283 and Claudia Will.

17-01-2002 at Mill: Peter Martinus Egbertus (Peter) Vollenberg, branch B gen. XIVag page 260 and Geertruda Johanna Petronella (Reggi) van de Burgt, daughter of Hubertus Gerardus Maria and Maria van de Weem.

20-02-2002 at Venlo: Theodorus Hendrikus Johannes Maria (Theo) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIIIat page 218 and Mark Johannes Marianus (Mark) Jakobs, son of Toon and Sjaan Henraad.

16-07-2002 at Den Bosch: Marion Margit (Marion) Vollenberg, branch B gen. XIVp page 252 and Elisabeth Wilhelmina Johanna (Elise) de Bruijn, daughter of Hubertus Petrus Carolus and Catharina Johanna Clementina Steijlen.
(Message on request of Marion Vollenberg: divorced).

20-07-2002 at Venray: Johannes Wilhelmus Mathias (Hans) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIVaj page 239 and Maria Wilhelmina Antonia Josepha (May) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIIIas page 216.

04-09-2002 at Virgen (Austria): The data has been removed on request of the parties concerned.

10-06-2003 at Rosmalen: Susanna Hendrika Petronella (Cindy) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVbd page 268 and Adrianus Johannes Henrikus (Perry) Vissers, born 26-12-1977 at Rosmalen, son of Hans and Riky van Pinxteren.

13-09-2002 at Duiven: Ronald Wilhelmus (Ronald) Vollenberg, branch B gen. XVd page 285 and Kristian Esther (Krista) Kaptein, born 26-02-1972 at Duiven, daughter of Halinus Berend and Gerarda Antonia Peijer.

24-09-2003 at Den Bosch: Maria Johanna Catharina Wilhelmina (Marion) Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIIah page 209 and Wilhelmus Johannes Maria (Wim) Kuipers, born 08-09-1951 at Hengelo, son of Hendrikus Johannes Lambertus and Johanna Hendrika Reiniera Hilgerink.

27-09-2003 at Rumst (Belgium): Steven Vollebergh, branch B gen. XVl page 288 and Imme Ortega Y Oliva, born 21-09-1981 at Rumst (Belgium), daughter of Joaquin and Martine Lauwers.

10-10-2003 at Doetinchem: Bianka Vollenberg, branch B gen. XVd page 285 and Jeroen Hendrikus (Jeroen) Franken, born 22-02-1975 at Terborg, son of Johannes Theodorus Franken and Johanna Hendrika Maria ter Hart.

11-11-2003 at Almere: Natasja Antonia Maria (Natasja) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVbq page 274 and Vincentius Gerardus Johannes (Vincent) van Wordragen, born 18-01-1975 at Veendam, son of Eric and Marijke Brand.

27-03-2004 at Landen (Belgium): Peter Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIVai page 261 and Elke Nanda Louiza (Elke) Brouckmans, born 25-03-1975 at Tienen (Belgium), daughter of Guy Marie Joseph and Kathleen Franciska Maria Buttiens.

10-05-2004 at Venlo: Freek Lodewijk Geert (Freek) Volleberg, branch B gen. XVbs page 275 and Linda Maria Josephina (Linda) Davans, born 05-09-1969 at Blerick, daughter of Richard and Marianne Maria Adelheid Verstappen.

09-06-2004 at Denia (Spain): Hermanus Elbert Jan Cornelis (Herman) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIIr page 154 and Klasina Hendrika (Ina) Kraijo, born 16-06-1937 at Rotterdam, daughter of Laurens and Grietje Venema.

30-06-2004 at Lingewaard: Gerardus Wilhelmus Martinus (Frank) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIVaj page 239 and Zarzuťla Wilhelmina Johanna Elisabeth (Zarzuťla) Kummeling, born 03-05-1982 at Arnhem, daughter of Gerardus Johannes Wilhelmus and Brigitta Johanna Maria Wilhelmina Peters.

12-11-2004 at Tegelen: Andrť Hermanus Maria (Andrť) Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIIIv and Marion Weinrich, born 12-03-1967 at Detmold (Germany).

21-04-2005 at Morrison, Colorado (U.S.A.): Ryan Dale (Ryan) Volleberg and Melissa Sue Ann (Melissa) Davis, born 12-04-1982 at Tuspin, California (U.S.A.).

13-05-2005 at Venray: Sanne Vollenberg, branch A gen. XIVb page 223 and Anthonius Franciscus Karel (Twan) Thielen, born 16-05-1972 at Oostrum, son of Antoon Willem Maria and Petronella Joanna Josephine Reintjes.

11-08-2005 at Haren: Femke Maria (Femke) Vollenberg, branch B gen. XIVz page 257 and Wilhelmus Petrus Johannes (William) Cuijpers, born 07-05-1964 at Boxmeer, son of Petrus Paulus Wilhelmus and Hubertha Christella Josephine Jans-Rat.

25-08-2005 at Boxmeer: Martinus Franciscus Theodorus (Marcel) Volleberg, branch B gen. XVm page 288 and Judith Johanna Hendrica (Judith) van Beek, born 23-02-1977 at Helmond, daughter of Theodorus Jacobus Franciscus Maria Cornelius and Hendrica Wilhelmina Johanna van Berkel.

04-11-2005 at North Bay, Ontario (Canada): Joan Gerarda Maria (Joan) Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIIIz LeClair, born 08-06-1975 at Kapuskasing, Ontario (Canada), son of Regent Jean and Diane Marie Jeannette Gauthier.

09-12-2005 at Oosterhout: Catharina Hendrika Christina (Carin) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIVm page 228 and Johannes Franciscus Petrus Laurentius (Jan) Ligtenberg, born 10-08-1956 at Dongen, son of Wilhelmus Adrianus and Wilhelmina Petronella van Keulen.

14-02-2006 at Bergen: Huberdina Johanna Petronella (Jenny) Volleberg, branch B gen. XVm page 288 and Lambert Martijn (Jeroen) Willems, born 17-02-1974 at Bergen, son of Johannes Franciscus Theodorus and Odilia Anna Maria van Gerven.

24-02-2006 at Mill: Johannes Franciscus Louis Hendrikus (Jan) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVby page 278 and Femke Theodora Maria (Femke) Veldpaus, born 28-02-1982, daughter of Martinus Antonius Laurentius and Albertha Petronella Gijsbertha Maria Pepers.

30-04-2006 at Aurora, Colorado (U.S.A.): Donald Alan (Don) Volleberg, branch B IXan page 263 and Carol Leslie (Carol) Lindamood, born 24-06-1957 at Broomfield, Colorado (U.S.A.), daughter of Charles and Esther Bell.

09-06-2006 at Deventer: Ingrid Christina Maria (Ingrid) Vollenberg, branch A gen. XIIIf page 166 and Franciscus Arnoldus Cornelis (Frans) van den Broek, born 18-02-1957 at Breda, son of Cornelis Adrianus and Christina Huberdina Emmerik.

05-07-2006 at Doetinchem: Christian Anton (Chris) Vollenberg, branch B gen. XVe page 285 and MariŽl Wilhelmien (MariŽl) Hogenkamp, born 12-05-1968 at Doetinchem, daughter of Wilhelmus Theodorus Gerardus Maria and Dirkje Johanna Hendrika Bernarda Ooyman.

17-07-2006 at Kerkdriel: Johannes Hendricus Franciscus Adrianus (Johan) Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIVbg page 269 and Andrea Hendrica Maria (Andrea) van Malsen, born 10-12-1961 at Cuijk, daughter of Josef Petronella and Margretha Hendricus Petronella Dorothea Schreven.

17-08-2006 at Sargans (Switzerland): Christa Theres (Christa) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIVai page 238 and Marc Alexander (Marc) LŁchinger, born 16-09-1979 at Chur (Switzerland), son of Bruno Johannes and Jeanine Stršhl.

02-09-2006 at Mont Martin (France): Annemarie Vollenberg, branch B gen. XIVz page 257 and Raymond Udo (Raymond) van der Bent, born 03-04-1975 at Poortugaal, son of Joost Reinier and Maria Helena van der Steen.

16-09-2006 at Wassennaar: Petronella Gertrudis Maria (Petra) Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIIIab page 205 and Renerus Antonius Maria (Renť) ít Mannetje, born 07-06-1959 at Voorschoten, son of Cornelis Christiaan and Margeretha Maria Frederica van der Kolk.

05-10-2006 at Boxmeer: Petra Theodora (Petra) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVbx page 277 and Jeroen Schepers, born 30-05-1972 at Enschede, son of Jan Herman and Aleida Matilda Tuinstra.

20-12-2006 at St. Oedenrode: Maria Johanna Bernarda HenriŽtte Marina (Marjon) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIIIau page 219 and Reinier Johannes (Rien) Steenbekkers, born 12-07-1958 at Veghel, son of Antonius Renier and Catharina van Kollenburg.

22-05-2007 at Rosmalen: Adriana Johanna Antonia (Kelly) Vollebergh, branch b gen. XIVbd page 268 and Paulus Maria (Paul) van Engelen, born 25-04-1981 at Den Bosch, son of Frits and Helma Frerichs

01-06-2007 at Venray: Sjoerd Vollenberg, branch A gen. XIVb page 223 and Marieke Maria Johanna Antoinetta (Marieke) de Kleijn, born 07-10-1980 at Venray, daughter of Josephus Johannes Margaretha and Maria Johanna Gerarda Verheijen.

06-07-2007 at Breda: Linda Petronella Wilhelmina Jacoba (Linda) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVbv page 276 and Wilhelmus Walterus Johannes (William) Kruizinga, born 14-04-1982 at Breda, son of Jan and Antonia Huisman.

07-07-2007 at Greg County, Texas (U.S.A.): Kenneth Robbert (Ken) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVan page 263 and Regina Gonzales.

28-08-2007 at Amsterdam: Anick Saskia (Anick) Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIVar page 264 and Wouter David (Wouter) Snel, born 19-10-1980 at Nijmegen, son of Petrus Antonius and Thecla Wilhelmina Marianne van Berkel.

26-10-2007 at Mill: Hendrina Johanna Elisabeth Maria (Dorien) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVby page 278 and Ton Geurts, born 17-11-1980 at Hoorn, son of Antonius Leenderd Hendricus and Maria Schoester.

20-12-2007 at Stratford, Ontario (Canada): Henrica Maria Leonarda (Ingrid) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIVk page 227 and Eric Hubertus Joseph (Eric) Voermans, born 06-03-1963 at Venray, son of Peter Jan Gerard and Anna Maria Petronella Baten.

21-12-2007 at Kessel: Martijn Mathieu Hubertus (Martijn) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIVaa page 235 and Wendy Peeters, born 19-01-1979 at Kessel, daughter of Leonardus Petrus Hubertus and Beatrix Maria Gommans.

07-03-2008 at Venray: Lucia Maria Johanna (Lucelle) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVf page 247 and Sebastiaan Alexander (Bas) van der Heyden, born 20-05-1971 at Hilversum, son of Johannes Herman and Marianna Wilhelmina Bogerijen.

14-03-2008 at Amsterdam: Karen Joanna Elisabeth (Karen) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIVo page 229 and Stephan Marcus (Stephan) van der Horst, born 17-05-1970 at Amstelveen, son of Cornelis Adrianus Hendrikus and Lucia Johanna Eveline Wiemer.

17-03-2008 at Venray: Maria Martina (Monique) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVbo page 273 and Niels Wilhelmus Johannes (Niels) Poelen, born 20-10-1985 at Groesbeek, son of Johannes Henrikus Helena and Geertruda Antonia Maria Ebbers.

25-04-2008 at Boechout (Belgium): Christiane Maria Louisa (Christiane), branch B gen. XIIIn page 197 and Ludo Eddy Maria Modest (Ludo) Van de Velde, born 26-04-1951 at Mortsel (Belgium), son of Paulus Philippus and Maria Theresia Ludovica van der Schraelen.

26-05-2008 at Zeeland: Martinus Andreas (Marty) Vollenberg, branch B gen. XIVab page 258 and Rianne Hendrika Johanna (Rianne) van Lankvelt, born 14-01-1979 at Veghel, daughter of Johannes Hendrikus and Mathilda Antonia Beniers.

30-07-2008 at Maastricht: Martijn Willibrord Gerard (Martijn) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIVo page 229 and Lida Huver born 17-08-1972 at Heerlen, daughter of Johannes Marie Rudolf and Clara Maria Josephina Hubertina Schnackers.

30-08-2008 at Den Haag: Bart Vollenberg, branch B gen. XIVy page 257 and Ernťe van Leerzem born 05-06-1977 at Nijmegen, daughter of Hendrik Albert and Marion Amelia Coleta Francisca Heuvelmans.

11-10-2008 at Meerlo-Wanssum: Lian Theodora Maria (Lian) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIVaa page 235 and Peter Henricus Johanna (Peter) Renkens, born 15-12-1978 at Tienray, son of Gerardus Johannes Chistiaan and Catherina Gertuda Francisca van Rengs.

07-11-2008 at Nieuwegein: Albertus Geert Wouter (Bert) Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIVat page 265 and Adriana Boukje Maria (Janneke) Barbiers, born 05-04-1957 at Amsterdam, daughter of Johannes Alphonsus and Lina Margaretha Alders.

16-02-2009 at Meerlo-Wanssum: GabriŽlle Antoinette (GabriŽlle) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIVq page 230 and Thomas Hendrik Andreas (Thomas) Martens, born 01-05-1971 at Meerlo, son of Albertus Wilhelmus and Josephine Bertha Maria Theeuwen.

17-02-2009 at Corbeil, Ontario (Canada): PiŽrre Joseph Cornelis (PiŽrre) Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIIIz page 203 and Joan of Arc Sparkes, born 17-06-1923.

30-05-2009 at Denver, Colorado (U.S.A.): Matthew Scott (Matthew) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVam page 262 and Brandie Don (Brandie) Gregory, born 10-07-1982 at Denver, Colorado (U.S.A.), daughter of Don and Janice Bennett.

05-06-2009 at Haarlem: Paul Francis (Paul) Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIVaq page 264 and Annemiek Kieftenbeld, born 25-05-1982 at Velsen, daughter of Johannes Antonius and Maria Geertruida Oesterholt.

28-10-2009 at Molenhoek: Karin Johanna Maria (Karin) Vollenberg, branch A gen. XIIIg page 167 and Ronald Kouwenberg, born 24-08-1974 at Wamel, son of Gerardus Johannes and Johanna Petronella Anna Maria Marcellis.

08-08-2010 at Fayetteville, Tennessee (U.SA.): David Allen (David) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVan page 263 and Tina Denise (Tina) Debrodie, born 23-03-1981 at St. Charles, Louisiana (U.S.A.), daughter of Donald Ray and Mary Vicky Frazier.

14-09-2010 at Neerpelt (Belgium): Anja Catharina Antonia Johanna (Anja) Volleberg branch B gen. XIVbp page 274 and Henricus Johannes Josephus (Henny) Tielens, born 08-07-1958 at Weert, son of Mathias and Victorina Petronella Verspaget.

27-02-2011 at Breda: Johanna Catharina (Janneke) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIVq page 230 and Sjors Kloosterman, born 13-07-1974 at Utrecht, son of Hendrikus Willem and Margaretha Elisabeth Maria van der Mee

15-03-2011 at Tegelen: Robert Theodorus Johannes (Rob) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVe page 247 and Johanna Maria (Hanneke) Gorissen, born 06-04-1978, daughter of Martinus Johannes Marie and Maria Hubertina Leonarda Janssen.

02-07-2011 at Venray: Helena Jacoba Thomas (Lilian) Vollenberg, branch A gen. XIIIc page 164 and Antonius Johanna Mathias (Ton) Segers, born 30-12-1962 at Kessel, son of Mathias Antonius Wilhelmus and Maria Johanna Helena Verbong.

19-08-2011 at Horst: Louisa Anna Hendrina (Lieke) Vollenberg, branch A gen. XIVao page 241 and Joep Maarten (Joep) Verstappen, born 19-09-1982 at Beringe, son of Pieter Johannes Wilhelmus and Judith Margaretha Bemmelmans.

09-09-2011 at Oisterwijk: Dirk Willem (Dirk) Volleberg, branch A gen. XVf page 282 and Maria Petronella (Nicole) Jansen, born 07-09-1983 at Oisterwijk, daughter of Gregorius Cornelis Petrus Fransciscus and Maria Johanna van den Berg.

03-12-2011 at Balranald (AustraliŽ): Mark Anthony (Mark) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVr page 289 and Natasha Frances (Tash) McDonell, born 02-03-1991 at Nambour, daughter of Darryl John and Katerina Hyder.

03-04-2012 at Stadskanaal: Elisabeth (Betty) Vollenberg, branch B gen. XVc page 284 and Marcel Stephen (Marcel) Struijck, born 21-04-1971 at Hoogezand-Sappemeer, son of Henri and Rensje Heukers.

20-04-2012 at Vught: Guido Theodorus Gerardus (Guido) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIIIav page 220 and Linda Schalk, born 03-12-1977 at Brielle, daughter of Cornelis Adriaan and Hilje Oversloot.

28-04-2012 at Jefferson, Colorado (U.S.A.): Heather Elaine (Heather) Volleberg and Andrew Graham (Andrew) Thoma.

11-05-2012 at Bergen op Zoom: Joseph Pieter Geert (Joep) Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIVau page 265 and Maria Petronella Catharina (Marielle) van den Elshout, born 17-03-1961 at Breda, daughter of Wilhelmus Jacobus Cornelis and Isabella Maria Josepha Boenders..

25-05-2012 at Venray: Peter Johannes Caroles Nazarius (Peter) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIIIas page 216 and Lucia Maria (Lucia) Peltenburg, born 23-02-1960 Den Haag, daughter of Antonius Joannes and Josephina Jacoba Kuipers.

08-06-2012 at Venlo: Karlijn Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVbt page 275 and Roel Mathias Gertruda (Roel) Vossen, born 14-07-1978 at Roermond, son of Victor and Margaretha Dorothea Johanna van Bergen.

25-06-2012 at Gouda: Ellen Gertruda Petronella Anna-Maria (Ellen) Volleberg, branch B gen. XIVbv page 276 and Sietse Rauwerdink, born 17-08-1983 at Winterswijk, son of Johan Bernard Willem and Gerritdiena Willemien Hassink.

29-06-2012 at Venray: Debbie Volleberg, branch B gen. XVo page 289 and DaniŽl (Danny) Jansen, born 01-06-1978 at Arnhem, son of Peter and Albertina Berendina Verstege.

05-02-2013 at Weert: Maurice Willem Kristiaan (Maurice) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIVw page 233 and Mara van den Bosch, born 25-07-1986 at Amsterdam, daughter of Theodorus Maria Gertruda Mathias van den Bosch and Irma Catharina Maria Beljaars.

04-07-2013 at Amsterdam: Joris Ferd (Joris) Vollebergh branch B gen. XIVaq page 264 and Marleen van der Spek, born 19-03-1984 at Mijdrecht, daughter of Robert and Carla Maria Koopman.

25-07-2014 at Asse (Belgium): Sara Paul Cor (Sara)Vollebergh branch B gen. XIVay page 266 and Mario Marinus Maria (Mario) Vandeperre, born 08-05-1972 at Derdermonde (Belgium), son of FranÁois Vandeperre and Maria Diericks.

16-08-2014 at Londen (U.K.): Femke Vollenberg branch A gen. XIVam page 240 and James Gordon (James) Cole, born 04-05-1979 at Basingstoke (U.K.) son of Michael Gordon en Heather Pearl Monger.

16-08-2014 at Vancouver (Canada): Caleb Johannes (Caleb) Vollenberg branch B gen. XVh page 286 and Mistee Walker, born 03-07-1981 at Calgary (Canada), daughter of Nelson and Shannin Wright.

05-09-2014 at Well: Rianne Gertruda Jacoba (Rianne) Vollebergh branch A gen. XVe page 282 and Chris Jan Pieter (Chris) van der Veer, born 24-03-1988 at Harmelen, son of Christoffel and Adriana Hijzelendoorn.

25-10-2014 at Katoomba (AustraliŽ): Steven Peter John (Steven) Vollebergh branch B gen. XIVbe page 269 and Nicole France's (Nicole) Grady, born 19-05-1988 at Mudgee (AustraliŽ), daughter of Christopher Shane and Frances Lorraine Boyd.

20-07-2015 at Iserlohn (Germany): Mario Vollenberg branch A gen. XVh page 283 and Jennifer Benning born 19-08-1983 at Iserlohn (Germany), dauchter of Wilfried Clemens Bernhard and Cristine Weber.

02-08-2015 at Magnetawan (Canada): Colin Stuart (Colin) Vollebergh, branch B gen. XIVav page 265 and Marie Nicole (Marie) Hemmings, born 01-03-1989 at Magnetawan (Canada), daughter of Norman Hemmings and Bonnie Mumford.

03-09-2015 at Venray: Frank Antonius Jozef (Frank) Volleberg branch A gen. XIVaa page 235 and Laura Helena Hendrika Catharina (Laura) Janssen geboren 21 augustus 1989 te Venray, daughter of Jozef Johannes Maria and Helena Maria Gerardus Arts.

06-07-2016 at Urumbamba (Peru): Ineke Vollenberg, branch A gen. XIVam page 240 and Edilberto Mora (Edy) Sugno, born 05-03-1988 at Urumbamba (Peru), son of Gregorio Mora Olave Sugno and Elsa Silva.

06-02-2017 at Gennep: Astrid Johanna Theodora (Astrid) Volleberg branch A gen. XIVt page 232 and Albertus Johannes (Bart) van Wichen, born  20-12-1987 at Tiel, son of Albertus Cornelis Johannes Maria and Allegonda Francisca Hernia Maria van den Hurk.

27-05-2017 at Grave: Alida Maria Johanna (Alice) Vollenberg, branch B gen. XIVq page 252 and Franciscus Nicola Johannes (Frank) Tijssen born 27-04-1976 in Oss, son of Tonny and Annemieke Peijnenburg.

03-06-2017 at Grathem: Hendrikus Leonardus (Roel) Volleberg branch A gen. XVe page 282 and Gertruda Catharina (Anne) Rademakers, born 08-08-1989 at Weert, daughter of Jacobus Peter Jan Mathijs and Helena Gertruda Hendrica van de Voort.

23-12-2017 at Vierlingsbeek: Michelle Jacoba Maria (Michelle) Volleberg branch A gen. XIVae page 236 and Ruben Martinus Wilhelmus (Ruben) Geurts, born 28-04-1987 at Landhorst, son of Wilhelmus Walter Maria and Maria Jacoba Hendrika van de Ven.

Michelle en Ruben Geurts-Volleberg


Registered partnership:

11-06-2005 at Ravenstein: Noortje Vollenberg, branch B gen. XIVz page 257 and Dirk Nicolaas (Dirk) de Bruijn, born 13-08-1976 at Ravenstein, son of Nicolaas Hermanus Antonius Maria and Gerarda Wilhelmina Maria Aben.

31-08-2005 at Venray: Susanne Gertruda Johanna (Susan) Volleberg, branch A gen. XIVab page 235 and Marcel Antoon (Marcel) Driessen, born 06-07-1976 at Venray, son of Hendrik Martien and Johanna Frederica Maria van Amersfoort.





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